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Silly Venture 2k20 has been delayed to 2021 due to COVID-19 already and now it looks like there's going to be a further delay. Here's a word from the organisers...

[EN] Dear friends, we delayed this decision until the last moment... We have been watching closely everything that is happening around Covid 19. We really believed that the deadline for the spring edition of SV (moved from the end of 2020) would be possible. And we almost did it. It was really close... There was hope of organizing the event under normal conditions - with some tightening of course, but still. Unfortunately, we've missed a few weeks... Frosting the economy and vaccination are slowly and too close to the June deadline. One of the stages regarding chillaxing when it comes to outdoor events and meetings (either in a premises or in a separated zone) is the number of participants - a maximum of 50 people (people vaccinated against COVID-19 are not included). And all of this ... from May 29th. The case with accommodation is also not good - hotels can only fill up halfway through only 50 %. allowed number of guests. From May 15, operations will be able to resume - but only on the air - restaurants, bars and cafes, and from May 29, catering after more than half a year of lockdown will be able to invite guests inside. However, there will be an occupancy limit and premises will still have to operate under the sanitary regime. As for vaccinations (where we put our highest hopes and what this goes, faster chillaxing of restrictions), less than 4 million people have been vaccinated in Poland for today (11.05.2021). We clearly ran out of time. That's why we'd like to offer you a new (much safer) date - August 13-15 (Friday-Sunday) with the possibility of late afternoon Thursday. We believe that until then (although due to the much larger number of vaccinated people and the clearer situation in our foreign guest countries) we will finally be able to meet and make up for 2020 accordingly celebrating both the 20th anniversary of Silly well as the 35th anniversary of Atari ST computer.

Thank you for understanding - it was not an easy decision for us. We missed you guys.

We also appreciate the fact that you have submitted your works to the compo a long time ago. Outline 2021 will take place this weekendin the Netherlands and in July (simultaneously) Sommarhack in Sweden and Lost Party in Poland. We encourage you to put out your works also on these parts - you don't have to wait until SV. Even if your work has already been sent - you can display it somewhere else. You have the green light from us - just let us know.

Winter date (2-5 December 2021) remains the same.
Stay heathly. STay Atari!
Grey / Mystic Bytes

You can find out more information about SV2k20 (+1) via their Facebook page.

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