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Sep 22 2019
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Sep 11 2019 - Yet another Atari Lynx programming competition announced for 2019

If you weren't amazed by the 11 new games that came out of the Atari Gamer Lynx Programming Competition, get ready for this... The Sillyventure team has just announced yet another Lynx coding contest. There are some amazing prizes up for grabs, including a fully modded Atari Lynx!

Before you dive into it, check out the Atari Lynx Programming Resources section here at Atari Gamer.

Sep 10 2019 - Atari Gamer has just published their 3D print designs

We've just published some of our 3D print designs over at Thingiverse. The designs are for the Atari Lynx cartridge shell and the audio and ComLynx port protector.

If you like these designs and want to support us, click that "Tip Designer" button!

Sep 7 2019 - Atari Lynx LNX to LYX ROM Converter released
There's a new tool available online, the Atari Lynx LNX to LYX ROM Converter. It will let you convert your LNX ROMs to LYX ROMs, just as the title suggests. It will also pad the ROMs out and can convert 128KiB to 256KiB ROMs.
Sep 3 2019 - Updated online Atari Lynx Emulator features
The Online Atari Lynx Emulator has been updated with some extra features today. The default scaling is set to 2x now to have a more faithful reproduction of games. You can also clearly see which scaling is being used. Games that need rotation are also supported now with normal, left and right rotation options.
Sep 2 2019 - Tropsy is a Psychedelic themed Tetris clone for Atari Lynx
If the 11 other games for the Lynx 30th Birthday celebration wasn't enough for you, a previously unreleased game called Tropsy has surfaced. It's a psychedelic themed Tetris clone, go check it out.
Sep 2 2019 - New Wallpaper to Celebrate Atari Lynx 30th Birthday
So you heard that we're Celebrating Atari Lynx 30th Birthday. Well how about loading up some Lynx wallpapers on your phone, tablet and computer? Find them over here - Atari Lynx Wallpapers. There is a special new wallpaper for the 30th Birthday too!
Aug 27 2019 - New batch of BennVenn LCD kits available to purchase
If you've been waiting to get one of the BennVenn Atari Lynx LCD kits there is a new batch of around 50 available right now. After these are sold, there'll be a temporary hold in production, so get in quick! The Lynx 1 version of the kit is still in development, without an ETA on its availability.
Aug 22 2019 - Songbird acquires classic gaming properties

Songbird Productions is pleased to announce the acquisition of multiple classic gaming properties, including:

  • The entire HandMade Software library, except for Kasumi Ninja, including games such as Awesome Golf and
  • Battlezone 2000
  • Battlemorph by ATD
  • Gordo 106 by Tenth Planet Software
  • Lynx Super Skweek by Loriciel
  • Othello by Harry Dodgson

    "Songbird has enjoyed two decades of supporting diehard Atari fans with new games for old systems," said Carl Forhan, founder of Songbird. "I look forward to a new wave of products that can incorporate these incredible games for the benefit of all gamers worldwide."

    Songbird Productions is a premier game developer and publisher for the Atari Lynx and Jaguar. To keep up to date with the latest news at Songbird Productions, be sure to visit the company web site at

  • Aug 18 2019 - JON MC Atari Lynx 'Cyber Virus' - Training Mission #1 Walkthrough
    Jon's done another Atari Lynx game walkthrough, this time it's for the first mission of Cybervirus! Check out the video here.
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