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Nov 13 2019
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Nov 13 2019 - Lynx SD is rebranded as Lynx GD and has a new release soon
The ever popular Lynx SD game cartridge that lets you play Atari Lynx games from an SD card is being rebranded as the Lynx GD aka Lynx Game Drive. The new release will be a new version of the hardware and will load games much faster than the current Lynx SD carts. Atari Gamer will be working closely with RetroHQ on a new menu loader system of course, so keep your eyes peeled for this awesome new cart coming soon!
Nov 12 2019 - Atari Lynx Handycast will return in December 2019
If you've felt the absence of the Atari Lynx HandyCast, you're not alone. Mark has been absent for around 9 months now, but he's just announced that the HandyCast is returning in December and an all new episode about Klax. Get your Lynx and headphones ready!
Nov 5 2019 - Super Fighter Team ceases operations as a video game publisher
Super Fighter Team, the publisher that brought you the amazing Atari Lynx game, Zaku has ceased operations as a publisher and will now work as a developer instead. Hopefully that means some new Atari Lynx games from them!
Oct 24 2019 - How Atari Lynx Game Prices Trend Over Time
Super Nicktendo has just released another episode of his Retronomics series of videos that looks at price trends for retro games. This time, it's about the Atari Lynx official collection. Interesting watch, check it out here.
Oct 23 2019 - 8-bit Unity to add Atari Lynx support

8-bit Unity is a development platform for retro games and they have something new coming up...

I am approximately 2 weeks away from releasing version 0.3 of 8bit-Unity, which adds support for the Atari Lynx and greatly improved sprites on all platforms.Importantly, this will be the first version compatible with the 8bit-Hub hardware I have been working on. This includes Wifi, SD card, PS2 mouse, and 4 Joysticks, all in one box!!!

Oct 20 2019 - Two new games from Songbird Productions announced for Atari Lynx
Songbird Productions is pleased to announce Biniax 2 and Xump - The Final Run coming to the Atari Lynx by Jan 2020. Each game comes in a professionally molded cartridge with printed box and instructions, and an EEPROM for saved game data such as scores and passwords. Biniax 2 is the tantalizing sequel to the Biniax puzzle game, and includes three play modes: Arcade, Tactic, and an all-new 2-player mode supported via link cable! BONUS: the original Biniax game is included too! Xump - The Final Run brings the frantic Retroguru classic to the Atari Lynx. Race against the clock and clear the grid of dissolving tiles while avoiding bombs, one-way barriers, and other hazards! Both games have been remastered and refined to provide maximum gaming pleasure on your Lynx system. Watch the Songbird Productions website for more details on these upcoming releases!
Oct 18 2019 - LNX Header File Generator for CC65 added
We've added a utility to generate LNX header file ASM files for CC65. Now you don't have to hand-craft these when making games for Atari Lynx! Check out the rest of the programming resources section for more information.
Oct 17 2019 - Cross-Chase, a multi-retro-platform game has been updated for Atari Lynx
Cross-Chase has been released for Atari Lynx some time back, but now Fabrizio Caruso, it's creator has made some updates to it. It still run in 'text mode' on the Atari Lynx but full graphics version is in the works. What's amazing about this game is it's available for hundreds of retro consoles and attempts to support their individual capabilities to the fullest. Worth keeping an eye on! You can play it here.
Oct 16 2019 - The Atari Times website is back online
The Atari Times website has been down for quite some time, but no more! Atari Gamer has reached out to Gregory D. George and he was able to fix everything and restore all the articles and information. It's great to see this resource available again!
Oct 16 2019 - Analogue Pocket is a a new all-in-one retro gaming portable

Analogue have announced the Pocket. It's definitely something to get for your retro gaming! You will need to get an additional adapter for Atari Lynx cartridges though. Check out what they had to say -

A multi-video-game-system portable handheld. A digital audio workstation with a built-in synthesizer and sequencer. A tribute to portable gaming. Out of the box, Pocket is compatible with the 2,780+ Game Boy, Game Boy Color & Game Boy Advance game cartridge library. Pocket works with cartridge adapters for other handheld systems, too. Like Game Gear. Neo Geo Pocket Color. Atari Lynx & more. Completely engineered in two FPGAs. No emulation.

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